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The Old Crocks

Justice is late, but comes...

Bitter Daisies

Only two types of people are looking for a murderer, those who seek to enforce the law and those who seek revenge.

Surviving 30’s

It’s never too late to find true love.

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The Old Crocks

The Carcamales is an ingenious, improvised and geriatric criminal band that has been forced to heist pharmacies in Gran Santiago without firing a single shot. The band consists of Julian, The Raven and Marian, lifelong friends. Why did they rob this pharmacies? because Estela (Julian’s wife) is ill and the high cost of her treatment outweighs their economic possibilities. And hopelessly, she’ll die. Estela is the soul of the house that houses a diverse group of elders. She has worked for them and others at the Judicial Assistance Corporation. It’s her refuge and her life.

At the time of leaving, Estela entrusts The Carcamales to help the underdogs that she cannot help in life.  Thus, The Carcamales are transform in a peculiar band of outlaws who in each episode investigate, plan and execute a plan to help those who have been let down by the system. In this adventure they will deal with their own personal and family conflicts and although they fear the police less than their prostates: they will soon realize that the law is much closer than they think.

  • PComedy
  • P10 x 50′
  • PWorldwide / Except Chile

Bitter Daisies


The disappearance of the young Marta Labrada, provides local police officer Eva Mayo with new clues that can help her discover the truth about her sister’s disappearance a few years earlier. Aware that the police will never reopen the case, she decides to impersonate the identity of the National Police Inspector Rosa Vargas to follow the new clues that will help her discover why she disappeared. In the investigation she will discover the tragic end of her sister, uncover a prostitution network in which National Police and the Civil Guard are involved, but above all, she will find her sister’s murderer.


In 2010, a few days before the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI to Santiago de Compostela, the investigation into the disappearance of the young Marta Labrada in the small town of Murias, brings to light the bodies of 10 women. The priority of Lieutenant Javier Cao and Inspector Rosa Vargas will be to find Marta before they can kill her … Without imagining that they are not the only ones looking for the murderer.

  • PPolice Thriller | Drama
  • P6 x 70′
  • PWorldwide

Surviving 30’s

Macarena is a young Spanish woman. She has everything in order: a good job in Mexico, good friends who love her and a promising relationship with Jorge, her boyfriend. She left everything in Spain to live happily ever after in Mexico City. Her luck changes, when she faints at the wedding of one of her best friends. After several tests the doctor diagnoses her pre-menopause, so she has a year to get pregnant, otherwise she will not be able to be a biological mother.

After the hard blow, she decides to return home and tell her boyfriend what happened, Macarena finds Jorge with another woman.

Disappointed and betrayed, Macarena desperately searches for the one who will be the father of her only child, she has less than a year to procreate. This and many others are Macarena’s tragic and fun messes … Time is running out!

  • PDramedy
  • P10 x 35′
  • PWorldwide

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