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Kind of Love

The bread burns on the oven door.

A Estiba

A nightmare, mystery and one of law...
the silence.

Wolf & Lambs

A history of love and intrigues
in the Spain of la Belle epoque. Galicia, 1898.

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Catalan Kind of Love

Rafael Catalan is going to marry his girlfriend of years. She is pregnant and he gave his word, but his true love is Dafne, an employee of his family’s bakery. The marriage is not performed, because Rafael’s father collapses on the bride’s cake. The party becomes a funeral and the last will of the patriarch, unleashes the storm: the reality is that he has another family; another woman and two daughters (Dafne and Danae) who own 50% of the Catalan Bakeries.

From now on, everything seems to collapse, Rafael is in love with his sister and their families hate each other.

  • PDrama | Comedy
  • P94 x 45'
  • PWorldwide / Except Chile

A Estiba

“A Estiba” is the story of a ship that arrives at the port of Ardora with all its crew slaughtered and the cargo disappeared. This ship came from Nigeria. On the same day, Manuela Fortes returns to her city to replace her father at the police headquarters. All eyes are on her to solve the case and face all the crimes that happen in this place.

There are suspects and little evidence to solve the case. Inspired by real stories of the National Police in Spain.

  • PThriller
  • P17 x 70′
  • PWorldwide

Wolfs And Lambs

“Los Pazos, Galice. 1898. Wolves and Lambs is the story of three families: the noble Villamariños, the middle-class Los Mendoza and Los Cordine, the peasants. Once their lives intertwine tragedy follows. It is also the story about the lives of five women: Alicia, Helena, Aurora, Violeta and a mysterious Robin Hood vigilante called “La Loba”.

Marquis Marcial Vilamarino, a traditional heartless landlord, is after the only piece of land in town he doesn’t own: Los Mendoza’s old water mill. Los Mendoza have healed the inhabitants of Viguña since forever. Lands are not the only thing they are fighting for. Alicia, the Marquis’ wife is the true love of a Mendoza. An impossible love that had lasted for 30 years. Helena Mendoza is also in love with the artist Mario Cordine, the son of a peasant. Aurora Mendoza fell for her mentor, Carmen who died under mysterious circumstances. And Violet…

Violet has a double life, one as Pepa La Loba, a female Robin Hood, and another one which remains a mystery to be unveiled. Death hunts them all, with the Marquis being the worst hunter unleashed.”

  • PDrama | Romance
  • P15 x 60′

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