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I'm your fan

Everything that one is capable of doing to stop being alone.


Get ready to change history ...

Guard García

Evil do not know of generations...

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I’m Your Fan

Season 1

At some point we have all irrationally loved someone who is not by our side. Sometimes we are content to contemplate him from a distance; other times, we are seeking a meeting. Being a ¨fan¨ of someone always proposes a relationship that is unequal by definition: one loves in advance, falls in love with a projection, of something that his or her mind has invented.

I am your fan is not a story of great loves or unreachable idols, but of characters who show us how we can become obsessed with someone who is by our side but for some mysterious reasons, we cannot access. It is a (not so) classic love story, full of loneliness, encounters and small great joys.

Season 2

Time has passed and many things have changed. Charly has turned thirty and finally wants to give direction to her life, which has become more stable, organized and somewhat routine; She even seeks to give herself a new chance in love. Nico, for his part, is in a moment of apparent stability and with a job that suits him perfectly: he grows organic fruits and vegetables, and he has no doubts: he wants to be a father and start a family. He has moved on with his life and feels that he has already overcome Charly, but one day she unexpectedly returns to his life, just as Nico is about to take the next step with Caro, his girlfriend. During this season, Charly and Nico’s paths cross sporadically when each one, on their own, is seeking love.

  • PDrama
  • P13 x 60′ Season 1
  • P13 x 60′ Season 2
  • PWorldwide


During a stay at a school camp, Hector, Fausto and Emilia venture into a cave in Palenque with the firm purpose of scaring Joaquin, a classmate they harass.

However, he disappears and they believe he has died, but he has actually made a journey back in time until the 7th century where he must help ascend to the throne Pacal, who at twelve years old must be the great Mayan emperor.

Meanwhile, their companions begin to receive messages from him and have terrifying apparitions that at first make them fear that this is revenge from beyond. In the end they realize that they are clues to travel back in time to help Joaquin and the Mayan emperor child.

Mystery series for school-age children.

  • PMystery
  • P15 x 26′
  • PWorldwide


Before you understand life and its principles, you have to understand death. That is the premise of detectives Alfonso Guardia and Jonas García to solve the grim cases of violence presented to them.

“Guardia-Garcia”, during its 10 one-hour episodes , portrays the irretrievable and complicated alliance between two forensics, Alfonso Guardia and Jonas García. The first is recognized for his extensive experience and intuition in case resolution: he has captured the most brutal serial killers; however, the cost has been the distancing of his daughter and wife, which is disturbing him.

Garcia, a talented student of the forensic sciences career, is forced to work with his long-time inspiration . His stubbornness and inexperience teach him to become humble and learn to practice his profession. Together they make a complex, but effective team.

  • PThriller
  • P10 x 51′
  • PWorldwide

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