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a mother willing to do anything

to find her son.


Clara, an expert sociologist in human rights and a mother; dissatisfied with the investigation of the disappearance of her son Manuel in a cordilleran sector, she will embark on a path in search of him or the culprits by taking the law into her own hands to bring justice. In that search, she will discover the existence of a drug trafficking network. The laboratory and operations center of this network are located in the vicinity of a place called “Río Oscuro”. Immigrants are brought illegally to Chile and forced to work in the laboratory. After an investigation was carried out in “Río Oscuro”, Clara will discover that her child was caught after discovering this network.

Clara will try to connect her son’s whereabouts in “Río Oscuro”, a place where no one is who appears to be. Little by little, she will discover that all the inhabitants are involved with this powerful drug-trafficking network, either by working for the network or simply by keeping silent in exchange for protection or favors.

In addition, she will unravel the connections of the cartel with different agents of power that make her live in the shadows and in the most absolute impunity.


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Worldwide / Except Chile