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in the world of addictions

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This documentary series is entering the world of drugs in Mexico City, in which people of different ages and genders are using  narcotics without thinking about the consequences. The talented performers of “Endless Death”, Paulina del Paso, Tufic Makhlouf, Lucía Gajá, Emilio Cantón, Paco Guerrero, Alejandra Islas and Sergio Muñoz, have put their stamp on each program by presenting success and failure stories through interviews and shocking testimonials in the real environment of the protagonists.

The “Endless Death” series is breaking down various myths by reaching out to  people of all kinds and social conditions who live trapped in addictions: workers, unemployed, people on the street, single, parents, students, citizens without a diploma… some in rehabilitation therapy, others hospitalized, evicted and even inmates, who show us essential aspects of their daily life, their personality and addiction in their own homes, rehabilitation centers, workplaces, cafes, night restaurants, bars, streets and means of transport, places and contexts from where they share their situation and reflect on the harmful consequences of drug use and, above all their  struggle to deal with and eradicate their disease.


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Entertainment / Children / Society
12 x 30’ per Season
Seasons 1 – 3