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FIERCE is the story of Soledad Gutierrez, a courageous teacher, who moves from Temuco to Santiago, pursuing a better economic stability and future with her three sons: Leo, Damián and Benjamin The family arrives at a condominium called “Rinconada de Peñalolén”, where Soledad meets Guillermo Bernard again, the greatest love of her youth, who is now a millionaire businessman and owner of the place. Twenty years ago, Guillermo was engaged to Soledad, but one day he mysteriously disappears leaving her alone and broken hearted. Soledad never knew the real reason for his disappearance: Guillermo was turned into a werewolf and run away from her in order not to harm her and to master the beast inside him. Guillermo is now a successful and ruthless businessman who maintains a wild and passionate relationship with Kiara, a sexy female werewolf, who will do anything to keep Bernard at her side and away from Soledad.

At the University, Leo and Damian meet Amanda and begin to fight for her love; she likes both brothers equally and cannot make up her mind and heart. Leo is a young, interesting and mysterious man, who captivates her immediately, with his passion. Damian is a young and seductive man who hides a big heart behind a tough pose and a daredevil’s armor. He captivates Amanda with his strong personality. However, during the first full moon night, Leo’s life changes radically when he is attacked by a ferocious beast and starts the process of becoming a werewolf. Thus, the moon will play with all hearts in a story full of passion and impossible loves. Ordinary people fighting and mastering their inner beasts…in order to love.


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