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Sabina Astudillo is a young, humble and ambitious woman, willing to do anything to obtain power and fortune. In order to reach the top she wil try to seduce Leonardo Santander, a candidate for the presidency of Chile, and most likely the next president of the country Her mother’s ethics and principles, along with Leonardo’s wife and Mariano, the love of her life, will become the most powerful obstacles in her way to fulfil her dreams of greatness. However, her ambition is stronger than all and she will do whatever it takes to become the First Lady of Chile. The steps Sabina needs to follow to reach to the top will be many.

First, to gain the trust of Bruna, Leonardo’s wife, mother of Diego and Cristina, who lives a tiresome and melancholic life, frustrated by a poor marital relationship where love and intimacy have been left aside to prioritize the political career of her husband.. In order to leave boredom behind she has decided to go back to university and complete her architecture studies, which she abandoned when she married Leonardo. In need of an assistant to organize her student and future first lady’s schedule, she hires Sabina — without knowing that she, through intrigue and intricate plans, will destroy her and her family. Sabina finally reaches the place she always wanted to be and seems to be very close to fulfilling her dreams of becoming the First Lady of the country.

However, Bruna is willing to do anything to take her life and family back. Helped by Mariano, they will try to unmask Sabina attacking her by her weakest side: the passion that Mariano, her beloved theater director, still awakens in her. In politics anything goes, and the intrigues for power, seem to be just beginning.


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