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College will  not teach you

about life!


Macarena Muñoz, a 40 year-old married woman and mother of three children who feels she is no longer needed at home, takes the brave decision to go back to college and become a professional.

Without telling her family, Macarena takes the test to enter university where she obtains a high score. She decides to study Psychology provoking big tension in her family, which is divided among those who support her determination and those who reject it. That’s how Macarena becomes a “freshman mama”, who will find herself involved into a whole new social circle – young people who could be her children.

She begins to know and try to understand them as they are since the age gap is huge and youth has changed very much in recent years.Rafael, her first summer love, reappears at the university.

The doubts and confusions of this unsolved love story, plus the conflicts at home due to her college adventure will endanger her stability and marriage.

How will she survive this first semester with so much pressure?


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