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The world is changing…


IN A TIME OF CHANGE, UPHEAVAL AND PEOPLE THAT WILL MAKE HISTORY…  Martín, Andrés, Pancho and Cristóbal are four young men bonded by the same ideals. Although they belong to different socio-economic strata, they share a common goal; to change the world. Martin has lived all his life in an orphanage, Andres and Pancho belong to aristocratic families of that period and Cristóbal is a hippie idealist whose new lifestyle separates him from his mother whose love he misses terribly. For these young men during the end of the sixties the motto Peace, Love, Revolution is more than just a dream; it is a way of living. Summer is ending and life in their beach commune El Ostion must give way once again to city living. Thus at the glow of a bonfire these four Hippies promise to be friends forever. The women in this story are attractive, liberal and consistent.

Magdalena, Ximena , Juana and Florencia are going to be irresistible to these four friends, especially if the same one is the object of their love. Magdalena will become the fantasy (dream woman) of Martín and Andrés. Ximena without meaning to do so will cause the break-up of this group of Hippies . Their liberal ideas and freedom contrasts with the traditional thinking and lifestyle of their families. Martín will know who his father is and will have to confront him and in doing so sacrifice his friendship with Andrés for the ideals and dreams of justice that move him. Andrés struggles between the love for his family and loyalty towards his group. Cristóbal has to experience losing his friends, commune and family. In dealing with these changes, he will live new and dangerous experiences. Francisco however is not willing to compromise, for this he may lose his life and in the process change the destiny of all the members of this story. The struggle for power has begun, the world is changing and these young men and women are about to prove it.


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