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who controls whom?


“The pleasant and funny life of Max, Joaquín, Borja, Richard and Trompo, a relaxed group of mechanics, is altered by different women who suddenly take charge of their lives. The first one is Ximena, Max’s ex-wife, who right after their divorce, snatched his beloved workshop, the business that occupied a great part of Max’s life and took him years to build.

Ximena starts making big changes at the workshop, from exploiting the good looks of the young mechanics to attract female customers, to demanding longer working hours. Such actions trigger these studs’ anger, who know a lot about motors and little about being managed by a woman, who apart from not knowing a thing about mechanics, brings along her two girlfriends: a sexy mechanic that revolutionizes the place and an ex secretary, who disrupts the peace with her rages and shouts.

Now, Max’s objective is to recover his workshop and Ximena’s to keep it hers. The male personnel will begin to change too following the advice of a woman’s voice on the radio. With her straight and direct speeches, she evidences the behavior of men in real life and the secrets hidden in their words of love. This advice will question Joaquín’s actions and words, turning his love life into a hell of confusions and excuses. He proposes to meet the person causing his misfortunes and conquer her to make her get trapped in her own words. The battle of the sexes is not over and it seems that the only way to find peace is to assume that we care about love and that for the sake of love, it is worth putting it all aside.”


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