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Real chronicles of events attended by the

Security and Emergency Medical Forces.


More than 8 million people coexist and transit through the most tormented metropolis of Colombia.

Every day, at least more than 3 homicides, 170 robberies, and 90 accidents are being registered. The METROPOLI cameras are there 24 hours a day, with those who save and protect their citizens:

An elite police force that goes into the most conflicted and dangerous neigh- bourhoods of the city looking to disrupt criminar organisations, prevent criminal attemps and stop drug-operations.

Medical emergencies units strategically distributed all over the city, ready to work on any emergency in less than ten minutes.

A specialised television crew joins the cities security teams to show all the action. Security officers and doctors wear microphones and cameras the whole time so you can be a FRONT-LINE witness to each incident.


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Worldwide (except LATAM)