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Your side of the wall…

Depends on how you perform…


22 contestants (celebrities and regular people) are divided into two mixed teams. Every week they will have to face a fierce competence which will grant them seven days full of futuristic privileges for some (the winning team), while the others will have to endure, for the same amount of time, the hardships of the past.

The house is a key element in “Opposite Worlds”, because it is the home for both the Past and the Future teams and this house is divided just by a glass wall. While some enjoy the comforts of a modern life, the others suffer the scarcity and hardship of past times. Members of the past and the future can interact with everyone, on a daily basis, at “The Yard of the Present”, but just for a few hours and under certain explicit conditions only.

A reality show where team work is essential and their permanence in one time or the other will depend exclusively on how they perform.

The show aired in 2012 in Chile (248 eps, 1 season), Colombia, Paraguay, and US.


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