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Welcome Home.


Adela is about to leave for New York to chase her dreams when a call from Maca changes the course of her life. Maca is overwhelmed with her new pupils and needs a break.

Adela accepts the challenge and arrives to bring the class of new “bad girls” into line: Clara, a skilled liar; Giselle, who is obsessed with sex or, to be more precise, her own version of it, and who believes her success rides on her looks; Corina, who is addicted to order and swimming, and who lives to compete; Renata, a quiet girl with a mysterious past and finally the worst of the bunch, Paloma, a socialite who falls in love with a common criminal and follows in his footsteps.

As if this weren’t enough to deal with, Adela falls in love with “bad boy” Alex, who gets her hormones acting up like never before and who will make her doubt her promise never to fall in love again.


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Drama | Juvenil