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And what would you do

for your daughter?


PAPI RICKY tells the story of Ricardo (Jorge Zabaleta) and Alicia (Cynthia Soto) an inseparable pair. The life of this father and his 8-year-old daughter is very special. Ricardo is a single parent who has raised Alicia all by himself. Alicia is a mischievous girl who has never really felt the lack of a mother, thanks to her devoted father. They are always on the road; they have lived in many different places and always for short periods of time. As if they were escaping from something or someone. Everything changes when Ricardo decides to return to Chile, accepting an unusually good job offer as a gym teacher at a private high school in Santiago.

They come to live to what appears to be an ideal and safe place for them, without knowing that someone has carefully manipulated and arranged their destiny. Their neighbors at the condominium will follow Ricardo and Alicia’s lives with great curiosity. The seemingly perfect father-daughter relationship will experience big changes when Alicia, with great determination, starts looking for a new mom and sets eyes on Catalina (María Elena Swett), a woman who embodies the darkest part in Ricardo’s life. What Alicia does not know is that her father has already fallen in love with Colomba (Tamara Acosta), a young teacher, and the perfect woman for him. The only woman Alicia has already discarded as a candidate to become her mom.


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