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POPLAND is the story of a small-town girl who travels to the big city to become a professional photographer. Amid celebrities and endless parties, she will find a love that turns her life around.Popland.com is the number one teen gossip site, where celebrities are caught off guard, love affairs revealed and career-ending secrets disclosed, all in the blink of a shutter. This is where Carla, a charismatic 18-year-old who dreams of becoming a professional photographer, finds work snapping celebrities in compromising situations. Her best photos are of Ari, a rock star who has every teenager swooning, but who likes to keep his private life out of the media. Fortunately for Carla, Ari is taken by her beauty and likeable nature. He gradually lets her into his life and appoints her his head photographer. This puts Carla at the top of the paparazzi food chain, sparking off the envy of her co-workers, not to mention that of every teenager avid for info on their favorite idol. Carla will have to strive to be a better photographer with each passing day and learn to cope with the pressure, because if she caves in it could mean the end of her career.

Genre: Juvenile Series

Duration: 70 x 60′