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nobody escapes from love…


“RUNAWAYS” is the story of four woman who for different reasons end up in prison and as they decide to breakout to recuperate their lives, they learn about love, friendship and forgiveness on the run. Lorena is a 30 year old hardworking woman who has been wrongly convicted for the murder of Juan Pablo, a co-worker.

Frida, a 36 year old woman, carefree and happy, has been convicted for selling stolen merchandise. Martha, a mature woman of 60 years old, used to be a housewife abused by her husband until she killed him with her own hands. And Lissette, 22, is serving time for burglary, caught stealing at her mother’s work. On New Year’s eve, Lissette organizes the breakout which creates a chaotic stampede in which dozens of inmates escape. Now outside, Lorena seeks to clear her name with the help of Alex, her defense lawyer and with whom she will have a romance.

He will face the powerful Márquez Family, owners of the foundation where Lorena used to work, to find out what really happened the night she was accused. But Lorena will also have to face her unfinished love story with Ismael, who besides being Juan Pablo´s best friend and husband of the Director of the Foundation, is the prosecutor in charge of catching her and the rest of the “Runaways”.

Lorena now must fight for her freedom, for her honor and against the love of her life. Will they continue to stay together even against all odds? Will they recover their so-much-wanted freedom? Will they be able to outwit the law to obtain their goals? She was blamed for a crime she did not commit and now, will seek to prove her innocence at all costs.



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