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End of the 14th Century. Rita, a beautiful young woman, meets Paolo Mancini, and falls in love with him. Their marriage soon becomes troubled when Rita discovers her husband´s true identity. Day after day and Rita´s strong faith and love lead Paolo to leave struggles until he is converted and their marriage is brightened by the birth of two beautiful twins. One day Paolo is accused as a traitor and killed by his Ghibelline fellows. Her sons are overwhelmed by the desire of revenge and Rita prays God for help: may he take her children´s life rather than stain their hands with murder. Her prayer is answered. Loosing all reference points because she can not meet her request of seeking refuge in a convent, Rita neglects herself until she hears God´s voice again: her mission is to bring peace in Cascia. Showing that forgiveness can really defeat hate, finally Rita is free to devote herself to a contemplative life testifying it by the grace of stigmata.

Genre: Movie

Duration: 1x 100′