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It’s never too late to find

true love.


Being mature and making good decisions is always a problem. But if you recently moved with your boyfriend, you’re Spanish woman, now living in Mexico, and your boss is a sexist and your mother pressures you to give her grandchildren. UFF! So hard how many things a woman has to face.


Macarena is a young Spanish woman; She has everything in order, a good job in Mexico, good friends who love her and a promising relationship with Jorge, her boyfriend, she left everything in Spain to live happily ever after in Mexico City. Her luck changes, when she faints at the wedding of one of her best friends, after several tests the doctor diagnoses her pre-menopause, so she has a year to get pregnant, otherwise she will not be able to be a biological mother.

After the hard blow, she decides to return home and tell her boyfriend what happened, Macarena surprises her partner with another woman.

Disappointed and betrayed, Macarena desperately searches for the one who will be the father of her only child, she has less than a year to procreate. This and many others are Macarena’s tragic and fun messes … Time is running out!


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