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Is the portrait of a generation that knows that everyone #bocetosdeunsueño.


They were born to work in the field and finished selling
30 million discs.

The Old Crocks

Justice is late, but comes...

Bitter Daisies

Only two types of people are looking for a murderer, those who seek to enforce the law and those who seek revenge.

Surviving 30's

It’s never too late to find true love.

Catalan Kind of Love

The bread burns on the oven door.

A Estiba

A nightmare, mystery and one of law... The silence.

Wolf & Lambs

A history of love and intrigues in the Spain of Belle Epoque, Galicia, 1898.

Dark River

A mother willing to do anything
to find her son.


Nominated for “Best Series”
in the “TV Series BERLIN FESTIVAL 2019”.


¿Traitorous their roots
or the victim of his circumstances?

I'm your fan

Everything that one is capable of doing to stop being alone.


Get ready
to change history...

Guard Garcia

Evil do not know
of generations.

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Series | Thriller | 8x50’

Eight days of anguish suffers a family when her daughter is kidnapped and there are more suspects than clues.

The League of Office Workers

Series | Comedy | 8 x 30’
3 Seasons

Many people despise the idea of becoming an office worker, but some others crave being one. Our office workers create a league to fight themselves against injustice and their abusive boss getting into all kinds of problems.

Tales of Humor and other Demons

Series | Comedy | 10 x 30’

Making standup comedy becomes the way of exorcising their demons for a frustrated lawyer and an angry mediocre bureaucrat.


Series | Dramedy | 12x52’

A unique restaurant, one single table... one last supper...


Series | Dramedy | 8x45’

What do women do when no one looks them? They have fun, play and enjoy, especially when they are almost thirty wasting their lives with immature husbands, feeling and being unsatisfied...


Reality | Musical Contest | 12x60’

Once a door closes, a new one opens as we search the next singer star!

My Sister is an Alien

Teleseries | Comedy Sci-Fi | 60x45’

A planet is dying, and a morphing alien is sent to Earth to see if they can live as humans...

Two Kicks

Animated Movie | Children’s Comedy | 1x100’

Soccer stops being a game and turns into war once two neighborhood kids’ teams compete to win a house on behalf of their sponsors: the street guys with

Machete on
Horseback of Swords

Movie | Dramedy | 1x100'

There's nothing like cheating a scammer and more if you get your life's love back.

Dark Book

Movie | Super Natural Thriller | 1x105'

A mother's life is completely deranged, when she buys a house, a dark past and her protagonist possesses her.


Series | Sci - Fi | 8x30'

An astronaut abandoned by the US government in the late 1960s manages to communicate with a young woman in the present ...

The Night of the Dead

Movie | Horror | 1x90'

An unknown virus invades the city and its patient zero dies. ..

I am Lety

Series | Dramedy | 8x52’
Season 1

A teenager’s most important decision, changing his/her gender sex causes a domino effect that will turn her family’s life into roller coaster ups and downs.

Trini & Mila

Series | Dramedy | 8x24’

When happen when life hits you so hard, and sends you in another direction?

The Dream-Maker

Series | Dramedy | 8x50’
3 Seasons

After losing his medical license, a doctor finds a new mission in life: to help terminally ill patients...

Blood Brothers

Series | Comedy | 10x22’

Being blood family is not enough when you all insist in living with equivocal results.

I am Can 26

Movie | Drama | 1x90'

A secluded place in a dangerous neighborhood that is being used for dog fights, is discovered by a boy who is trying to get his stolen dog back...

Bold & Daring

Series | Thriller Crime Black Humor | 13x45’

Amid a jungle where women are constantly abused, a young woman is raped and unjustly arrested...

The Secret of Butterflies

Series | Juvenile Thriller | 10x45’

What happens when your social networks become your worst enemy?

The Sicaria of Polanco

Series procedural | Thriller Crime | 8x45’

There are women willing to do anything to keep their wealthy lifestyle -“rather be dead than poor”- even becoming a hitwoman...

The Diplomat

Series | Religious political thriller | 10x50’
Season 1

The political, religious and media turmoil around the first official visit to Mexico of the Pope...

Christmas Eve

Movie | Comedy | 1x97’

Christmas Eve, a story to start believing again.

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