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About us

Comarex was founded in 1982, becoming one of the main independent distributors thanks to its alliance with large production houses recognized worldwide, which allows it to take its content through different distribution platforms to more than 110 countries around the world. .

The combination of successful independent producers and Latin American writers allows Comarex access to large formats and productions, working with the best of each genre. We are currently in the development of bio series and original series, which are in different stages of production.

Comarex is a leading distributor and independent developer of Latin American content, prepared for the future in the constantly evolving entertainment industry.


Whose mission is to bring high quality productions to different traditional and emerging media around the world. Every year, Comarex places more than 42,000 hours of content in 110 countries around the world.

The content catalog that Comarex offers its clients comprises of a wide range of genres and formats, such as: soap operas, movies, documentaries, game shows, entertainment, animation series, drama series and reality shows.

All this is possible thanks to the great combination of private properties and distribution agreements with large production companies such as Canal 13 de Chile, Canal Once Mexico, Imagen TV, Omava,  among others.

Strategic Alliances

Comarex Activities

Distribution of “Ready Made’s”

Distribution of “scripted” and “non scripted” formats

Development of Series and Audiovisual Projects


Evaluation of scripts and entertainment projects


We represent successful production companies, writers and television stations in 120 countries on 4 continents, with a catalog of more than 7,000 hours of content.



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