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En el 2010, unos días antes de la llegada del Papa Benedicto XVI a Santiago de Compostela, la investigación sobre la desaparición de la joven Marta Labrada en el pequeño pueblo de Murias, saca a la luz los cadáveres de 10 mujeres. La prioridad del teniente Javier Cao y la inspectora Rosa Vargas será encontrar a Marta antes de que puedan asesinarla… Sin imaginarse que no son los únicos que buscan al asesino.

In 2010, a few days before the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI to Santiago de Compostela, the investigation into the disappearance of the young Marta Labrada in the small town of Murias, brings to light the bodies of 10 women. The priority of Lieutenant Javier Cao and Inspector Rosa Vargas will be to find Marta before they can kill her ... Without imagining that they are not the only ones looking for the murderer.



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The League of Office Workers

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3 Seasons

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Virtual Obsession

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I am Lety

Series | Dramedy | 8x52’
Season 1

A teenager’s most important decision, changing his/her gender sex causes a domino effect that will turn her family’s life into roller coaster ups and downs.

Dark Book

Movie | Super Natural Thriller | 1x105'

A mother's life is completely deranged, when she buys a house, a dark past and her protagonist possesses her.


Series | Sci - Fi | 8x30'

An astronaut abandoned by the US government in the late 1960s manages to communicate with a young woman in the present ...

The Night of the Dead

Movie | Horror | 1x90'

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The Diplomat

Series | Religious political thriller | 10x50’
Season 1

The political, religious and media turmoil around the first official visit to Mexico of the Pope...

Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve, a story to start believing again.

Trini & Mila

Series | Dramedy | 8x24’

When happen when life hits you so hard, and sends you in another direction?

Series | Dramedy | 8x24’

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