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you will discover a new franky.


From a technological and programming point of view, she is beautiful.

She has the appearance of a 17 year-old girl, but she actually is a secret project built by Sofia, a scientist Franky calls “mother”. Although Franky’s brain functions like a cutting-edge computer with unlimited internet access and vast data storage, that is not enough for her to pass herself off as a human teenager: Franky cannot comprehend what feelings are or what’s their use, she doesn’t understand jokes or hidden motives either. And of course, she is not capable of having any emotion. But all this will start to change while Franky lives the experience of having family, friends, and even a boyfriend! At school, she will always be forced to conceal her true identity, which will lead to the funniest misunderstandings. And back at home, she will have to adapt to her role as daughter and big sister, two complicated tasks for such an eccentric being like Franky. Surely the greatest challenge will be falling in love… without her operating system crashing!


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Sci-Fi | Comedy | Live Action
S1 60×60′ S2 60×60′ S3 40×60′